Care of pewter

Unlike other metals, pewter doesn’t tarnish but instead oxidizes into a deeper shade. Pewter enthusiasts go head-over-heels for the antiquated look this natural patina provides, but some prefer to keep their pieces in the lustre is was received. 

To polish your Pangolin Design piece, one can use any metal polish, preferably in a cream/paste form. 

Apply the paste and rub vigorously, the shine will return.  

Pewter is not compatible with a dishwasher, however if a piece has been exposed and become tarnished, a deep polishing process on the piece can restore it beautifully, any jeweller should assist with this. 

Pewter may look tough, but it’s a soft metal that’s easily bent, scratched and broken. Proper storage protects it from mishap.  Acid permanently discolours pewter and if exposed clean it immediately with warm water.

A home remedy to shine pewter is to make a mild paste from salt, vinegar and flour. Use only enough salt, vinegar and flour to get a paste-like consistency, evenly smear the paste onto the pewter and allow it to stand for about an hour then rinse with water, Dry it with a soft cloth.